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There are great things happening at Corcoran Unified School District, and we want to share them with you! Here we will keep you informed of important district announcements as well as success stories about our district, our schools, our teachers, and our students. We want you to feel connected, so please check our News page often and stay in-the-know.

Veteran's Day Holiday

There is no school on Friday, November 10 in observance of Veteran's Day. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Cardboard Student Showcase

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, Mark Twain held its 3rd annual cardboard student showcase. Students created games out of cardboard, and their family and friends were invited to come out and support the Mark Twain students. Tacos, drinks, and snow cones were sold at this event.

October PSAT

High school Principal Antonia Stone had 380 of her students sign up and take the the PSAT. She stated that she even had to turn students away, which was unfortunate. The high school will give this test again in spring. Mrs. Stone asked the kids, "You want to go to college? This is that test. You want to get a feel for the CAASPP? This is that test."

CHS Boasts New Multitasking Computer Center

CHS has recently finished setting up a new computer lab where students will bring their own MacBook Airs. Gaming pathway students are often multitasking on many different windows and work spaces. In an effort to normalize the classroom with realistic work environment expectations, each student will come in and connect three cables to their Mac laptops and have access to a full keyboard, mouse with scroll wheel, headset for individualized lesson videos, as well as a monitor. The simple inclusion of an additional monitor means that students will spend much less time trying to memorize positioning of elements on screen while they are also expected to create notes, follow a tutorial or summarize text. Students can actually optimize their efficiency by multitasking and applying their knowledge while learning and taking notes.

Students will be able to watch presentations directly in front of them while taking notes on a separate screen. Students with sight disabilities will no longer be regulated to any particular part of the classroom helping CHS to realize an inclusive classroom on the next level. We hope that this change will mean an improvement in many areas, including\information retention, better note taking, creating new ways to share ideas, and ultimately make a difference in engagement by bringing the content closer to the kids in a new and exciting way!

Apple Coding Software Training

Our district has recently been given the enviable opportunity to train our staff on the new Apple coding software which we will use in our k-12 curriculum. Approximately 25 teachers received two days training on coding and the new Apple Swift coding software. Corcoran Unified is one of only four school districts in the state of California to have this opportunity!

Teachers learned how coding can be integrated into a variety of curriculums and why it is such an important skill. Coding is a great way to teach problem solving, good critical thinking, attention to detail, and provides a great understanding for all of us on how the world works.

What this training provides all of us is the real understanding that coding is a skill that will be as necessary as reading, writing, and math for our students in this 21st century world they live in. Many of the top entrepreneurs got where they are because they taught themselves code as children. Learning code will give our students a leg up in the job market when they graduate as well as it will teach them reading, writing, math, and problem-solving.

The district has participated in the hour of code for one week each year. In the previous year, we had some small groups of students participate in a few coding lessons. This “everyone can code” training will give us the opportunity to eventually include all students.

Teachers and principals will be working on building a k-12 plan that provides access to this type of powerful learning for all kids that will enhance their learning in all curriculums.

We are excited to see the opportunities and what Corcoran students will learn by engaging in this powerful curriculum!