Corcoran USD students walking together holding hands

Instructional Rounds and Technology

iste nets for students logo surrounding by the principles communication & collaboration, creativity & innovation, technology operations, digital citizenship, critical thinking, and research & informationThe Instructional Rounds process helps schools determine the appropriate use of technology. One of the key foundational principles in the Instructional Core is “Task Predicts Performance.” When we look at the types of tasks students are doing, we ask the question, “What do we predict students will be able to do by performing a task their teacher requests?” When the “Rounds Teams” visit classrooms, they describe what students and teachers are doing and saying. In order to get the best snapshot of what students are learning, we look at what teachers are asking them to do and compare it to what students are actually doing. We ask, “What is taking place on the top of student desks?” and “Does the use of technology result in student performance that lines up with the learning objective for that classroom?”

When we look at student tasks and ask the right questions, we inherently know the value of using technology in light of learning outcomes. Through this process, we keep what works and can make changes where necessary.