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There are great things happening at Corcoran Unified School District, and we want to share them with you! Here we will keep you informed of important district announcements as well as success stories about our district, our schools, our teachers, and our students. We want you to feel connected, so please check our News page often and stay in-the-know.

FFA Historical Farming Equipment Restoration

The Tulare County Historical Society has reached out and offered local FFA chapters the chance to partake in restoring the antique farming equipment currently housed at the International Agricenter. The Corcoran FFA shop classes have decided to participate in this incredible opportunity to choose a piece of antique farming equipment and restore it throughout the year. The process will require students to take a field trip to the location of the equipment and tour the different pieces available to restore. Once the class has decided which piece of equipment they would like to restore, the historical society will transport it to Corcoran High School. The students will then research the history of the equipment and compile a repairs list to submit to the historical society. The historical society will be paying for all materials required for the restoration. Once the project is complete, the Corcoran FFA will create a plaque to adhere to the piece of equipment identifying which chapter restored it. The final stage of the project will be to present it to the historical society and have it placed on display at the International Agricenter.

Welcome Back

We would like to welcome you back to Corcoran Unified School District for the new 2018–19 school year! We have one of the most powerful and positive educational environments, full of hope and faith in what we can do collectively to set up our kids and each other for total success. We have several new staff members this year, and would like to introduce you to them. Please take a moment to "meet" them in our August 17, 2018, newsletter.