Corcoran USD students walking together holding hands


There are great things happening at Corcoran Unified School District, and we want to share them with you! Here we will keep you informed of important district announcements as well as success stories about our district, our schools, our teachers, and our students. We want you to feel connected, so please check our News page often and stay in-the-know.

Cohort Guidance

The California Department of Public Health issued guidance to California schools on August 25, 2020. The Cohort Guidance authorizes small-group, in-person services in controlled, supervised, and indoor environments, such as those operated by local educational agencies (LEAs). For complete details, please read our letter to parents and guardians.

Apple Training: Supporting a Remote Teaching Environment

Our academic technology coaches participated in a virtual training on Thursday, August 27 with Sabba Quidwai, one of Apple’s Education Leadership Executives. As our schools across the district adjust to distance learning, Sabba shared some new tools to ease the transition to distance learning, design, and creativity. The purpose of the training was to train our coaches to better assist our educators in our approach to online teaching and workflows. We developed techniques for creating student-centered learning environments and collected ideas on how to unite around a common vision for technology integration.

“Our academic technology coaches Lisa Coleman, Dory Pearce, Roberta Andrade, Jari Stokes, and our newest coach Kristine Scott, have been working hard to support our staff during this time. It is very much appreciated. Their expertise and positive attitudes towards assisting others are invaluable!" – Lora Cartwright, Director of Educational Services

Math Books for All

This year, Bret Harte Staff hosted a drive-by event for students to pick up their math books. The staff braced the scorching weather on Thursday, August 20 just to catch a glimpse of all the students in their cars. The school is reaching out and encouraging students about distance learning.

Welcome New Teachers

We would like to welcome our new teachers to our district. Please give a warm welcome to:

  • Naeila Abubaker - JMMS 8th Grade Math and Science
  • Christopher Bell - Corcoran High School - Biology/Physical Science
  • Vicente Corrales - Corcoran High School - 9th and 10th Grade Mathematics
  • Carlos Garcia - John S. Fremont Elementary - 3rd Grade
  • Kaitlyn Gobel - Fremont - 2nd Grade
  • Viktoria Granicy-Bognuda - CHS Agriculture, Floral & Ag Mechanics
  • Tyler Grove - John Muir - 8th Grade Math, Science, and Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Dolores Hernandez - Bret Harte - 1st Grade
  • Kailey Isch - Mark Twain Elementary - 4th Grade
  • Nereida Lopez - High School Spanish
  • Cyndi Miranda - Bret Harte - 1st Grade
  • Machala Orton-Bochman - John C. Fremont Elementary - 3rd Grade
  • Shereen Sawalha - Bret Harte - 1st Grade
  • Carlos Solis - Mission Community Day School - Grades 6th to 8th
  • Rebecca Wooden-Pashnyak - Mark Twain Elementary - 4th Grade

District Distance Learning Plan 2020–2021

The Corcoran Unified School District is committed to supporting students in continuing their learning and reducing the negative impact of school closures on our students’ educational progress. Together we will ensure learning continues during school closures. Please review our District Distance Learning Plan for more information.

Distance Learning Meal Pick Up

Distance learning meal pick up begins on Wednesday, August 12 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Meals are available at Bret Harte Elementary, John C. Fremont Elementary, and Mark Twain Elementary. Students do not need to be present. Please drive up, stay in your vehicle, and maintain the flow of traffic. If a parent has students in multiple school sites, they may pick up all meals at one site. Please see our distance learning meal pick up flyer for more information.

2020 School Reopening Plan

We know you have questions! Our plan to reopen has been reviewed by the Kings County Department of Public Health to meet recommended safety measures to help slow and reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are confident this plan provides a safe return for our students without limiting the quality education they deserve. Please read through our fall reopening plan for all the details.

July 17, 2020 - Parent Update

As anticipated, Governor Newsome provided new guidance for schools today, which will definitely impact the Corcoran Unified School District. Please take a moment to read our July 17 update.