Corcoran USD students walking together holding hands

Why Go One2One?

We believe our students need and deserve the best when it comes to learning. For us, that means employing great teachers who use effective strategies for learning and providing access and opportunity to technology learning tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our rationale for the One2One project comes from the sense of urgency we felt when we came to understand this single fact: our students need this! The benefits outweigh the costs—no contest. It is a moral imperative to provide students with these tools. Once we know and understand what opportunities and information our students do not have access to, we simply cannot turn a blind eye and refuse to move forward. Technology levels the playing field, and with the proper use of these powerful tools, we can adequately prepare our students for a fast-changing world.

One2One Benefits

Successful laptop learning programs produce the following results:

  • Teacher excitement and enthusiasm
  • An increase in student engagement and attentiveness
  • An increase in student attendance
  • A decrease in student behavior problems
  • Growth in the competencies of technology skills
  • Growth in student writing skills

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