Corcoran USD students walking together holding hands

Our District

Even before the town of Corcoran incorporated in 1915, The Kings County Board of Supervisors formed the Corcoran School District on October 13, 1905, from portions of Artesia and Dallas school districts. In January of 1906, the new district consisted of one teacher conducting class in a vacant store on Whitley Avenue. As the town grew, the district brought in more teachers. We invite you to learn more about our district’s rich history; appreciating our past is an important part of educating the future of Corcoran as we prepare students for achievement beyond the classroom walls.

CUSD Student Demographics

We are a diverse learning community united in a single purpose—realizing our full potential through quality education. 

  • 3,300 students
  • 85% Hispanic
  • 80% Socioeconomically disadvantaged
  • 30% English Language Learners
  • 90% Free/reduced lunch
  • 40% of parents did not earn high school diplomas
  • 95% of students do not have Internet access at home

Our Mission

We are relentless in creating an environment for all to improve mind, character, and body.

Our Philosophy

We believe the following aspects of education are non-negotiable:

  • Respect for everyone at all times.
  • Every Corcoran student can and should learn.
  • To see students as they could be—not as they are.
  • Leadership is about influence, not titles.
  • Student achievement is more than our occupation; it is a moral obligation.
  • Principle and Policy over Patronizing and Privilege.
  • Students should never be left out of the equation.
  • Every student deserves an advocate.
  • People are supportive and appreciative when they are part of the process.