Corcoran USD students walking together holding hands

Why iPads?

CUSD chose the iPad because these are smaller, more mobile devices with a lower cost than a traditional computer that provide student engagement by offering thousands of educational applications (apps) which stimulate the student and support the core material. Each device includes standard apps such as a dictionary, calculator, voice-recording device, books, maps, and an encyclopedia.  

Students can also create and share their work with their teachers and other students. The iPad gives students the ability to learn in ways the traditional classroom experience cannot offer by providing a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Voice Recording

The voice recorder on the iPad allows students to work on both fluency and reading comprehension at all grade levels. Students can record themselves reading, and after syncing the device to the computer, a digital portfolio of the students’ work is produced. This enables the student and the teacher to track his/her progress and work on specific strategies to help improve his/her skills. The goal is to help every student read at grade level and perform well on the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC).

Teaching Tools

CUSD teachers are a vital part of this program; without their willingness to learn and incorporate this technology, One2One would not succeed. While these devices can never replace the teacher in the classroom, they are a vital tool that will help us achieve our goal of providing anywhere, anytime learning opportunities for every student.